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TS-802 CP/M computer

This site is best viewed on an old terminal. It hides my terrible HTML skills ;)

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My latest vintage computer acquisition is this very interesting looking TS-802 CP/M machine. When I first saw this for sale in the CP/M support group on Facebook being sold only 2 hours away, I knew that I had to have it. It's strange left side dual full height floppy drives and beautiful keyboard sold the deal.

4 hours later I was home with not only the terminal, but a box of utilities and even a couple basic games! (think of Catchum and Ladders type of games.) A few eye rolls from my wife, and printing the manual I dove right into what I could do with this machine.

Look how cool this machine is!

That's cool and all, but can it run Crysis?

Short answer, no. Long answer, also no. That being said, I did wonder how I could use this beautiful and obscure piece of computing history other than having it collect dust on my shelf. In July, I built a pile of RS232 WI-FI modems while trying to interface my PETs to the Level 29 BBS. This started my obsession with connecting computers that should never even know what the internet is online! They can even go on Twitter thanks to Level 29.

Tweeting from my TS-802 via Level29 BBS

What makes the Television TS-802 special?	 

Aside from being a full CP/M machine with 64k of ram, the addition of a hardware terminal and two sets of dipswitches allow for easier interfacing. Thanks to the manual I was able to easily set the terminal to 2400 baud and connect it to my RS232 wifi modem. Thankfully, Linux still has the terminal protocalls to support tvi950 allowing it to connect to my Raspberry Pi.

Another interesting aspect of this computer is the left side floppy drives which is the only example of such a layout I have ever incountered.

More silly internet stuff

What can I do with a terminal from 1982 with 64k of ram?

Well, with some dedication and a pinch of insanity, you can do a lot including:

And the list continues!

Casual emailing being done